Carolyn Monroe and Lauren Montgomery from Smothered Blue

About This Scene

Bar-fly bart was out on the town, when he got cold-cocked (the only kind of cock this doofus can manage). He wakes up to find himself in the dreaded SMOTHER BOX...his head is PADLOCKED inside, with his face sticking through the cushion, just begging to be sat upon. Well, who should walk in but his two tormentors for the evening…Lauren Montgomery and Caroline Monroe. These two famed, busty porno-babes are a couple of the most gorgeous ravishing creatures ever to grace an IBN video. Upon seeing a helpless head like this, how can they resist torturing it? Lauren plants her ass and pussy on his nose and mouth, cutting off ALL air, while Caroline sits on his groin. Hear the way he pants and groans! "You sound like Darth Vader," Lauren taunts. We dare you…just TRY to hold your breath as long as bart is maked to hold his…we bet you can't do it! And when curvy Caroline decides to trample his chest and ribs…OOOF! Caroline is an expert butt-smotherer, especially in that red vinyl mini-dress - while Lauren loves to torment his bare nips and pinch his skin. Naturally, the girls plop their most bounteous assets down for some truly astounding breast-suffocation - Caroline chest-pummels him for a LONG, LONG time, while Lauren digs her foot into his neck. Caroline prefers hand-around-around-throat choking - she really knows how to squeeze 'em! - followed by cruel armpit tickling of her helpless victim. Lauren re-assures him: "Don't worry. You're going to be OK….NOT!"

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