Nicole Sheridan from Nasty Nude and Subdued

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They say never sell a used car to a friend, because if it's a lemon, you'll lose the friend. Well, a slave-boy named voodoo learns that he shouldn't sell a lemon car to a nasty Mistress like Mistress Nicole Sheridan -- because doing so could mean losing his life! She makes him to lay down on her hard dungeon table, then makes her nasty naked plucked twat directly into his mouth and nose. "That's it -- gasp for air!" Wow! This is sloppy, wet twat-suffocation work. You'll hear him groan and gasp and cough and snarkle for air. "You're not leaving here until you admit what you did and give me a new fucking car!" Nicole yells. He actually dares to call her a stupid bitch! Boy is he in for it now. First comes the breast smothering: "Choke on this titty!" Fucking choke on it!" she commands. Then the HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation. But the highlight of the film is the nude beaver suffocation torment. "I want a brand new car!" she screams as she makes him to choke on pussy fumes. Just listen to the way he coughs and screeches. And the ass choking is even more violent and dangerous. She just refuses to give him ANY air. "Wet, sloppy pussy!" Nicole Sheridan exults, as she strokes her glistening instrument of torment. Yet still he refuses to buy her a new car. "Wet pussy juice all over your face," she sneers. "You're going to smell that stench for the rest of your short fucking life! You're going to smell it as you die!" We've rarely seen a slave as feisty as this guy -- but then again, we've rarely seen a Mistress as harsh and unyielding as Nicole. She slaps his body while butt-smothering his face. "MMM!" she coos as she pinches his nostrils shut while "riding" his face. "You want to smell my cum?" she asks as she smears his face with beaver juice. "You're going to buy me a pink Lotus!" she orders. Hey, she already owns a pink lotus...and it's a deadly weapon!

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