Regina Sharp from Hairy Squatter

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Embark with us on a magical journey of mystery and endurance, set in an alternate reality where women rule supreme. This tale starts with tristin laying on the hard wooden table, where he finds it hard to breathe under Regina thong clad snatch. It would appear that tristin did not do the courtesy of having a nibble of dinner ready when Regina came home from a very hard day at the dungeon beating and smashing little slave boys into pulverized piles of quivering slave meat. TO make matters worse, tristin refuses to own up to his act of insolence. He has to learn his lesson. Watch tristin writhe and squirm under the control of raven haired beauty as she exclaims, "I really don't know what I am going to do with you. You sound like you are gasping for air there." The veins throb out of his forehead as she deprives him of precious oxygen. But has he learned his lesson? "Looks like you need some more lessons," Regina exclaims as she smothers him with her luscious naked breasts. So perky, so creamy. "I don't ask much. I work hard as a Dominatrix all day and I expect you to have dinner ready for me when I get home." Sitting on his chest, she grinds her crotch to his ugly mug and lays back for some relaxation. Smothering is such hard work! Painful, too -- you'll be gasping along with tristin. She takes off her itty bitty excuse of a thong to reveal a perfectly well trimmed beaver. Again she sits on his face (NUDE FACESITTING -- from a GODDESS!), using her ass to cut off any access to air. Don't these silly slave boys ever learn? This video will give you essential lessons in breast choking, ass asphyxiation, and bare snatch smothering. This movie is an absolute instant classic.

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