Francesca Le and Sharon Wild from Dial S For Smother

About This Scene

What a treat - this video features the spectacular Francesca and lovely blonde newcomer Sharon Wild. They're a couple of "good friends" who have ordered a new bed. The trouble is, the delivery dude is a that well-known nit-with bob. Not only does he forget to bring the box springs, they catch him sitting on the mattress, picking his nose. (Probably bob's idea of dinner.) Furious, the girls decide to teach him how to be a better laborer - by subjecting him to horrifying two-girl smothering. Sharon sits on his face, shoving his nose between her cheeks, while Francesca punches his stomach and tickles his abs. Look at the way bob flails his legs - you can tell that he is really feeling the pressure! Francesca has her twattage covered in shiny black vinyl pants as she facesits his ugly mug. "I bet it's hot under there!" she giggles. "You're trying to kill me, aren't you?" bob squeals. Like, no duh, dude! Sharon wears black lingerie as she facesits him and pulls his hair. The girls subject him to four-handed suffocation, covering his nose and mouth. Then one girl sits atop the other - BOTH of them poised on his face. A double facesit! You'll even see foot suffocation. Francesca takes off her pants, allowing both girls to give his face a panty-clad ride. Bob gasps and moans - you can tell that he is in deep fear. The girls sit back to back for a double-ass-choking session, then step on his face, in an unusual combo of trampling and foot-chokitude. Naturally, a well-racked lady like Francesca isn't going to forego a chance to subject bob to nasty titty suffocation.

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