Sensuous Suffocation


"Are you ready to be tortured?" asks the ravishing Mistress Mia of her helpless victim tramplee, who wakes up to find himself locked into the smother throne. The tight metal bar holds his face upright against the high cushion. Mia's partner in agony, the bounteous Butter, possesses one of the finer all-natural racks ever to grace a fetish video -- and she uses them to suffocate tramplee without even a hint of mercy. Why? Because he exists. Need there be any other reason? When you see Mia's careful, cruel, long and drawn out approach to hand-over-mouth chokitude, you'll have no choice but to yelp: "Mama Mia!" She knows how to use her crotch to squash her victim nearly past the black out point. Just listen to the way poor tramplee pants -- the torment is very real! And just look at the way her ass and thigh muscles tighten as they exert increasing pressure around tramplee's skull. Butter tightens her grasp around tramplee's neck, exerting increasing pressure around his windpipe. (Well, that's ONE way to shut they guy up!) The combo of throat-wringing and nose-pinching proves particularly dangerous. But not moreso than Butters FULL NUDE TWAT-SUFFOCATION. Tramplee's noggin practically disappears up her chute! "I guess we both better get naked," Mia explains. "That will make the torture even worse." Sounds logical to us! The dreadful smother chair means that tramplee's face takes the full weight of his female tormentors. The ass-phixiation is sumptuous, and the close-cropped whisker biscuit torment never lets up. At one point he passes out, so the girls decide to wake him up -- by choking him. (Again -- logical.) I doubt that tramplee gets more than three really good consecutive breaths at any point during the last half of this video. We all love beautiful Butter's buns, especially when they're spread across her victim's face! "This guy should be dead by now," Mia exclaims in wonder, and we can only nod in agreement.

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