Le' Smothered


Francesca is a long time favorite here at IBN and she has been making videos with us for years. This video however is the VERY FIRST FACESITTING VIDEO SHE HAS EVER DONE FULL NUDE FACESITTING in. Her panties are off in only 4 minutes, leaving her only wearing a sexy black waist cincher, a net top that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, sexy black 6 inch strappy heels and some sultry long black elbow length gloves. Her lazy slave didn't do any house cleaning while she was gone so she begins a teasing grinding on him. He starts to go for his cock to get some extra enjoyment from the situation but she quickly reacts by binding him with rope to the lounge chair he is laying in. The facesitting gets more intense as well as the seduction from her gloves and breasts. She also plants her ass on his face and leaves it there buried deep as she tells him to inhale her sexy odor. She eventually ties him backwards on the lounge so that his head in on a hump and the facesitting can be more makeful because she can straddle his face with full-weight. The camera roams around catching many great shots as this seasoned pro does her thing...forward, reverse, side-saddle, grinding, HOM and even pulling her ass-cheek open with her hand while guiding her ass down on her slave's nose.

Videos Scenes from Le' Smothered


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