Got Smother


Cherokee cuts off all air, burying him beneath her delectable ass. "Lay down on the floor where you belong, you fucking piece of dirt!" Taylor politely advises. Then Taylor (who wears the wildest lace pantyhose I've ever seen) sits on his face while Cherokee sits on Taylor, just to add to the weight. "I think we should kill him!" Cherokee coos. "He's been a very, very bad boy," says Taylor. "You're a cheating, ugly-ass bitch. Get you're nose in there, bitch-boy!" Grasping his head between her legs, she shoves his face directly into her pussy. Then she makes him to lick water out of the dog's bowl. "Lick it up, dog! Fucking dog!" She slaps him without any mercy, then Cherokee clambers aboard his face and perches there, squeezing her twattage against his nose and mouth. "You know, your cock's not even that big," notes Taylor. "I was actually doing HIM in the ass," Cherokee reveals. "He's kind of turning blue," she says with a laugh as Taylor (who has nothing less than the best all-natural breasts in the history of womankind) wraps her titties around his face, robbing him of even a hint of air. "Let's see how long he can take this!" she says. The by-hand suffocation and chokitude will have YOU turning blue. Taylor ties him by the ankles while Cherokee facesits him into oblivion, both forward and reverse-style. "Beg for air, then thank me for every little sip!" Taylor commands. She makes clear that only one response will do: "Thank you Princess!" You'll se foot-in-face action, followed by wrist bondage and humiliating gagging.


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