Appetite For Punishment


Mistress Veronica is looking great as she is completely dressed in Latex with a black miniskirt and a two-tone halter number that zips up the front. Her sleek and shiny latex miniskirt is perfect for covering up his mug, robbing him of any chance to grasp at a gasp. "You took me for granted," she smirks. "Just as you took your access to air for granted." He flails and screams for mercy, and even tries to bargain his way out. But none of it will help - she is determined to have her way. He coughs and gasps and turns beet red. But there is nothing he can do to escape the suffocation torment. She loves to use both her twat and her bare hands - not to mention her chest. He struggles to free himself, but only ends up rolling out onto the floor, where she pounces on him like a vulture. Veronica has become very popular over the last several years as she attends all of the big fetish parties in the US and Europe (including the annual Kink In The Caribbean event in Jamaica). She has also worked at a couple of the commercial domination parlors around here in Los Angeles (like the Dominion) and currently she is hooked up with Goddess Sativa working at her dungeon in Hollywood.

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